We hoop for dance, exercise, fun, and meditation. We hoop alone and in groups, and in performances. We hoop with big hoops, small hoops, water filled hoops, fire hoops, LED hoops, and multiple hoops. We hoop to learn tricks, achieve flow, and lose ourselves in the moment.

One thing we are sure of: our lives are better because we hoop.

We welcome people of all ages and experience levels to join us at our weekly jam and other events throughout Madison.

And we are thrilled to be recognized as the 2014 Community of the Year from Hooping.org!

Weekly Jam

Find out about how you can join our regular flow jam at the Madison Circus Space. All ages and all experience levels are welcome, in any flow art.

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Buy Hoops Locally

Looking to acquire a hoop (or two) of your own? Fortunately there are a lot of hoop makers right here in town.

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The best way to get involved with the group is to connect through social media. This is also the place to ask a question if you have one.

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